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Mr. Robert Kinney

Age 64, Retired Engineer, Married, four children and five grandchildren
Procedure: Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery
Activities: Golf, Fish, Volunteer firefighter, Bike riding

“After enduring 15 years of knee pain, the things in life that I enjoyed and loved, fishing, biking, golf, volunteer firefighting, hospice volunteering, and especially playing with my grandchildren, were in jeopardy. I could not even walk or do things as simple as take a shower without severe knee pain. Deciding that it was time to get my life back, I started researching joint replacement manufacturers and qualified surgeons. I not only wanted a surgeon that primarily did joint replacements in their practice, but also one that used a manufacturer that was a leader in joint replacement technology. My search led me to Dr. Chris Browne in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Dr. Browne was not only very well trained and qualified, but seemed very compassionate while spending time explaining what to expect after surgery. After only 4 months post surgery, my pain is so much better, my knee motion is back to normal, and I’ve resumed doing everything in life that I love.”

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